Budgeting for design projects- points to ponder

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One of the most important, and most frequently asked, questions we get is “How much should I budget for this?” For most everyone, this really is the heart of the matter when it comes to remodeling and design. You want the very best, and the soundest construction, and there’s several factors that contribute to creating a budget for a remodel or update that suits your needs.

Ask yourself a few questions when you’re determining how much to spend. Consider that if you have been purchasing items over time, you might not realize the level of comfort you have become accustomed to. And buying a few pieces to update your space will be substantially less overwhelming than spending on a project where everything will need to be replaced- but projects can always be scaled down into stages.

Do you want to purchase items you intend to have for a long time, or do you prefer to redo things from time to time? Will your lifestyle require more robust furniture? (to survive pets or kids!) Are you thinking about investing in art for your space, and are you more interested in original artwork or prints? Or are you considering designing around art or collections you already own?

Do you have special pieces you’d like to use in new designs- and will they need refinishing or reupholstering? Are you comfortable spending less on accessories and occasional pieces in order to invest in other aspects of the design?

Window treatments set the tone for your room, and help protect your furniture. Well-crafted treatments elevate a room’s design, and a room truly isn’t finished without them. We consider window treatments to be an investment, and can be a large piece of the budget.

All these questions may seem daunting, but they’re important to consider. Thinking over these factors, and determining what is most important to you in design early on will help guide decision making and budgeting later in the design process.

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