Come home to a completed room

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Our artist and designer, BJ, believes your home is your reward for braving the world, and coming home should make you smile. After a stressful day, we know coming home to a completed room can be great way to unwind- a space where the color and lighting is just right, the furniture is just your style and the accessories make it feel like home. That completed room, in the midst of the rush of daily living, can be a haven.

At In-Home, we believe the best completed rooms are the collected rooms. The pieces in the room have been found over time, and have personal meaning. Don’t get us wrong- we love a kitschy piece or two from nationwide chain stores- sometimes you can’t say no to adorable woodland creatures in scarves and hats, or calligraphied quotes that make you feel good! The catch is to accessorize your room well, without making it look exactly like page four from the catalogue; of course it looks fantastic in the catalogue, but it’s impersonal. If you decorate floor to ceiling with items from the same shop, the room is going to look like that shop, not like your home.

So how do we address this? Some of our clients, for example, have spent their lives travelling the world, and collecting wall art and baubles from everywhere they go.  Rather than ordering wall art for them that might have “matched better”, we used what they already had, to make a personal statement- because remember, art doesn’t have to match the furniture. Make it look cohesive and designed by using different sizes of art, but coordinating frames. Instead of unnecessary, impersonal tchotchkes scattered about, we like creating vignettes or collections with similar themes, colors or size with items collected by the clients through their lives. Shadow boxes are our favorite way to display delicate or very old items that need protecting. A collection of heirloom pocket watches and cufflinks made for an impressive, personal piece of art, crafted in a Victorian shadow box.

Complete your space with what you love. Come home, be home.

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