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If you’ve been in the store lately, you know we don’t like to tuck our finds away in boxes in storage spaces. We’re like creative pack rats, and we just can’t help ourselves when we find cool stuff! I’m writing this in our living area space on the floor, surrounded by found things which are consistently inspiring.  The coffee table from an old sugar barrel, fur coat slip covered ottomans, candle holders from an offering table at a church, lamps created from fire irons.

Everything is something to look at, but if everything is crammed into one space, nothing is seen.

So we started doing our homework- reading and studying the shelving displays from one of our favorite suppliers, Roost. Their shelving displays are inspired; a harmonized blend of color, texture, size, shape and nature. We’ve started looking for new ways to organize our space, trying out new ideas, getting inspired by the things we’ve collected.

Chances are- you’re a lot like us. You have family heirlooms, art, pottery, books, crystal, candles and a million other tchotchkes you’ve found on your way through life. Beach combing pieces from the summer, antiquing and salvaging finds from the fall, holiday dishes and ornaments and maybe some spring greens are probably somewhere in your house, tucked away or already on display. It’s time to dig out those buried pieces, rediscover your collected things and get inspired by new displays in your own home!

But, Anna, how?

Let’s start with the horizontal space- shelves, a mantel, table top, a hutch, or even the floor! Then collect your art- a painting, photographs, tapestry, etc. Choose pieces that are similar in color, but are maybe different sizes, different textures. These will be the anchor of your creation. If you have more than one picture or painting, try layering them, instead of keeping them side by side. Let them rest on the horizontal surface if they can, try something different than hanging them on the wall. Choose a color from the art, and find your most interesting collected pieces in the same color family. Perhaps your art piece has blue tones in it that you’d like to highlight. Blue baubles, glassware, vases, are perfect pieces for this. They don’t all have to be the same blue! Find pieces that are different shapes, sizes, heights, textures. Try resting the pieces on their sides, on top of each other, upside down. See your collected pieces in new ways! Pro-Tip: Arrange the pieces in groups of 3 or 5, try odd numbers of groupings to make it interesting; but, don’t add too many pieces, or it will be too cluttered. Remember the mantra: if everything is crammed into one space, nothing is seen.

Once you have your art and collection arranged, add a little nature! Roost has us inspired to add organic elements to each display. We love succulents, and drapey ferns. Flowers, herbs, leaves, bonsai, etc, add a natural appeal.

Try it out, and send us your pics!! We’ll be looking at our shelving arrangements in a whole new way. In the meantime, check out some of our shelving designs pictured here!Erdmann Sullivan Shelves image Beck Mantel IMG_3392

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