Moss Hunting

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If there’s one thing you learn really quickly while working with an artist, it’s that you have no idea what your day is going to look like! And to just start expecting the unexpected. Wait…. Oh, I guess that’s two things. See what happens?!

We started the morning off polishing up a beautiful 19th century, filigree brass chandelier. Just as I started getting comfortable scrubbing off decades of glue, dirt and tarnish, Anna announced it was time to go moss hunting. Before coming here, I probably would have been quite flustered at the prospect of “hunting moss”- how does one track and hunt moss?! But by now I just dress in layers and come ready for anything. As it so happens, you *can* actually track down moss, and it involves a beautiful walk through the woods to the perfect shady spot. After a couple hours in the woods, Anna found the most perfect moss you’ve ever seen and we trucked it back to the shop and spent the afternoon cleaning it. (Yes, you can clean moss.)

What’s the moss for, Anna?

Oh, now that’s a different post. Whatever you’re expecting, it’s way cooler. Stay tuned!

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