Beneath the Canopy

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Remember that moss Anna was hunting? From a deep, dark corner of the woods? What was your guess?

If you guessed Anna would use it in her piece for the Arts In Reach (AIR) Tablescape event, you’d be spot on! We will be putting together our third tablescape for AIR’s event this weekend. AIR is a local organization dedicated to helping girls realize their full potential and to celebrate their artistic gifts. AIR offers after school and summer vacation programs to help girls, “develop confidence and gain key life skills such as collaboration, goal-setting, leadership and communication while discovering new and creative means of self-expression.” In-Home recognizes and celebrates the impact art has on our lives, and is proud to support AIR’s mission to change lives through art.


Anna introduced us to Robert Patinson’s “Into the Woodland” and has taken us “Beneath the Canopy” (see also: our tablescape’s title!)

I wonder further in the wood

Then pause to take in all I could,

And there beneath its canopy

I’m caught up in all its beauty


The tablescape will also prominently feature original artwork by Anna. Watching Anna create the art for it was a crazy inspiring thing. We dug out some of her old canvasses, decided we loved the colors together and I thought that meant we were set. Alas. I turned my back, and heard ripping sounds- Anna was literally ripping her canvasses apart. A small part of me died inside to watch her shred her art, but just as soon as it was ripped, it was decoupaged onto a new canvas. I got a cup of coffee to help me cope with the loss of art, came back to find her in a fevered painting pitch. The torn canvasses were given new life in beautiful backdrops for our tablescape. She was creating a deep woods right in our studio and before our eyes.


And you thought tablescapes just meant tables. Not an entire world crafted between coffee breaks!


Stay tuned for pics from our completed tablescape!!

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