Sweet dreams are made of these

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Coming home after a hustle-and-bustle busy day should be relaxing. But there’s no way to relax in a room where you are constantly reviewing your Things to Update In This Room To-Do List. You know the feeling- you go into a room and start thinking to yourself, “I think I want to change the paint color in here. I need a matching bedroom set. It’s time to update this area rug. I should think about new curtains.” and so on. There’s *no way* to relax when you’re thinking about these projects!

That’s what our clients in West New Hampshire were contending with when they contacted us to update their bedroom. With two jobs, two kids and a very active lifestyle, these two needed a cozy sanctuary to unwind in at the end of the day. When we got to their room, we had a very blank canvas to work with.

The gallery shows the Before shots of the bedroom. The paint stopped where the ceiling cove started, making the room appear truncated. It was time to completely update and upgrade the bedroom furniture. The blinds were all-or-nothing: they would completely block out any natural light or be completely devoid of privacy! There was no style, no glam and no personalization.

In short, a complete transformation was in order and In-Home was ready to take it on!

We repainted the walls- from periwinkle to a luxurious cream and linen color combination, making the room look taller and more spacious. Anna found an antique dresser set, and saw how beautiful they could be after she worked a little magic. From scuffed stained wood to an ocean blue with depth and dimension and new hardware, Anna rediscovered a furniture set for them and made it art. A custom blue velvet headboard accented with brass nail heads anchored the room and added texture. The luxurious feeling was underway, but we needed a way to let the sunshine in. Together with our drapery expert, Anna designed drapes and blinds that would allow for both sunlight and privacy. With the bones and major components completed, Anna added her finishing touches and pulled the room together in a truly dreamy transformation.

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