All is calm, all is BRIGHT!

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We must have been very good this year, because Santa’s elves seem to have scurried in and decked our halls with a few things merry and bright!! After a brief holiday, I came back to see two gorgeous chandeliers making the showroom a little more glamorous.

As you’re driving past the shop, you’ll have to notice the extravagant chandelier in the window (we have a way of finding impressive chandeliers for that window!). Rock crystal and cut crystal are dripping off every nook, cranny and corner of this gold flecked piece. After a little research, we’ve found it’s from the lobby of The Four Seasons Hotel in Boston!

As if that wasn’t enough…. we have a second crystal chandelier hung now.

This past fall we spent a number of hours carefully, ever so carefully, scrubbing and detailing every inch of this 19th century brass filigree chandelier. Originally intended to hold candles, it was converted at some point for light bulbs. Glue and terrible fabric wire casing were carelessly slopped onto the delicate filigree to help “modernize” it. With lots of patience, diligence, toothbrushes, wire brushes, wire wool, and what seemed like half a million other inventive tool solutions, we painstakingly removed all the old glue, and had it appropriately, and discreetly, rewired. Before hanging the chandelier, Anna carefully cleaned and hung each piece of crystal.


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