IMG_0701About the Artist

At the age of 13 Anna Hardy Evans, In Home owner and designer, took a side chair and repainted it, removed the caning and reupholstered the seat. Transforming this chair launched a passion and a career in transforming furniture and rejuvenating spaces. For the next 30 years as an artist and designer, she has been dedicated to re-imagining, reinventing and “re-finding” pieces.

Anna was born in England, where her parents owned an antique shop. In that shop Anna’s father taught her and her twin brother how to repair and restore furniture. Her brother went on to restore old homes and create custom kitchens and cabinets. She went on to study art, textiles, sculpture, painting and design at Taunton Art School and Somerset College of Arts and Technology, quickly becoming a Member of The Society of Artists and Industrial Designers. Anna traveled and lived all over the world, taking inspiration from her experiences in England, France, Germany, Morocco, The Bahamas, Florida, New Mexico and now, New Hampshire.

Anna’s experiences restoring furniture in the antique shop instilled a certain sense of connection to, and deep appreciation of, the past and preserving history. Her immersion in the myriad of the world’s cultures expanded her horizons and inspired her to see beyond what is- to what can be. Her design style strikes a balance between these two concepts and is evident in each and every creation.


Deborah Van Dyke

Meet In-Home’s newest artist and designer – Deborah Van Dyke (also known as Deb!)