While on holiday in the UK, Anna discovered a paint company that she simply had to have in In-Home. They offer so many colors, products and options, it was easy to fall in love with their products. We are so excited to be the New Hampshire Seacoast retailer of Maison Blanche paint and paint products! We are offering a complete line of Vintage furniture paint, Lime Paint, waxes, crackle finish, varnish, glaze, embossing creme and masque.

Maison Blanche has a gorgeous array of 42 colors to choose from the furniture paint and 16 colors of Lime Paint. From subtle neutrals to bold cayennes, each color is saturated and enduring. The antique and lime waxes are to die for and add a new dimension to the furniture paint. We can’t get enough of the Glacage Embossing Creme, and we are enjoying discovering the details we can create with it.

If you’re as excited as we are about this paint line, and reinventing furniture is something you’re interested in, Anna will be offering paint classes. She will be offering intro and more advanced courses, teaching about the paint products themselves and different techniques that can be used to paint and embellish furniture. Check the Updates on the website or our Facebook Page for workshop dates.

Workshop 1- Intro to Paint Techniques, two hours: We’ll introduce you to our line of Maison Blanche paint and products, and cover basic techniques for using this paint.

Workshop 2- Faux Finishes, two hours: With the basics already under your belt, you’re ready for Faux Finishes! We’ll cover crackle techniques, antiquing, wood graining, and more!

Workshop 3- Embellishments, two hours: Make your piece a statement piece. We’ll cover how-to’s for gilding, Jesso and embossing crème to add drama to your item.

Workshop 4- Two Day Weekend Course, two six hour days: Two six hour days where we will cover all these techniques, and have ample time for you to finish a larger piece of furniture such as a sideboard, dresser or hutch.


Maison Blanche paint and product pricing ~

Vintage Paint, $38.95

Antique Lime Wax, $31.95

Lime Wax, $35.95

Glacage, $34.95

La Craque, $28.95

Sample Jars, $10.95

Translucide, $28.95

Varnish, $31.95

Le Masque, $16.95

La Chaux, $41.95

Organza, $32.95